About Us

At SOAR, we focus on government consulting services and specialize in human service improvements. With staff experienced in government across 17 states and internationally, our influence reaches far and wide. And in deciding on a flagship office, what better place to situate than in Tallahassee, Florida? Our state and local government leaders have recognized the importance of innovation, improved transformation and growth.

SOAR’s mission is to modernize your user and worker experience through improved business process alignment, workforce transformation and technology modernization.

Changing Government

We know it’s critical to help our clients understand and determine the best action for their programs, as well as their need for a rapid response to address new program demands in the current environment. Our management consulting delivery solutions can help you streamline work and improve workforce issues and outcomes. 

With the right strategy, design and solutions, modernized service delivery changes are progressive, educational and inspiring. It allows for new and improved technologies, helps improve customer service and – when properly executed – can be done without significant disruption to the organization. SOAR improves the way businesses and governments interact with their citizens, patients, customers and employees. 

Changing Government.

Our Clients

Florida State University

Florida State University (FSU)’s Florida Institute for Child Welfare (FICW), School of Social Work seeks to promote safety, permanency and well-being among the children and families of Florida that are involved with the child welfare system through research, outreach, education and policy reform. This is achieved through the design and implementation targeted and trauma-informed strategies for children and families involved in the child welfare system. In collaboration with SOAR and Tallahassee Community College (TCC), we conducted leadership training on topics such as vulnerability, motivation, change management and emotional intelligence and their significance in effective leadership. Included in this work was a review of the FICW Strategic Plan and staff training to integrate staff roles, responsibilities and priorities in alignment with their overall Plan.

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration

Leading the Organizational Change Management effort in support of the Medicaid Transformation Project.

Louisiana Department of Children and Families

Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services
As a Project Advisor to the Assistant Deputy Secretary and Secretary to the Department’s Child Welfare Technology (CCWIS) Project, SOAR conducted a review of the LA project, provided remediation recommendations that would assist in redirecting the project toward successful outcomes. Recommendations across Project Management, System Development Lifecycle phases, Development Design and Implementation (DDI) and Organizational Change Management as well as conducting project health assessments and costs of similar projects across five different states of similar size and scope was completed. Once these recommendations were accepted SOAR assisted the vendors and client in adjusting project processes, resourcing and technology to support the state’s mission and vision.

Tallahassee Community College

Tallahassee Community College

Partnering together to provide a professional assessment of and recommendations for Florida’s county health departments to enhance employee work experience and improve service delivery.

Florida Department of Health

Florida Department of Health

Providing training and change management services and business performance modeling to enhance employee work experience while improving public health service delivery.


SOAR is located minutes away from the Capitol Building on beautiful Park Avenue in The Corbett House.

Built in 1905, the Corbett House has been placed on the National Register of Historic Houses.